Marlee is from the heart and soul of two sisters, Jessica and Rachel.  Two completely different people with one vision and one very strong passion to create.  With an interest in children’s fashion, a constant search for contemporary timepieces for Jess' son Charlie was always left unanswered. This led to the innovation of Marlee.

Their vision was to change the stigma of children's watches by bringing something completely new to the world of children's accessories.  In a time like now, where children's fashion is just as important and carefully put together as their adult counterparts, it seemed unfathomable that there were no children's timepieces that matched this level of sophistication.

For this reason, Marlee uses the highest quality materials and the sisters have been absolutely instrumental in designing the timepieces every step of the way.  Marlee has a commitment to continue to evolve with the fashion industry but to always stay true to it's roots. 

Contemporary children's watches... it's about time!